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 HF & VHF Radio Modems


DTR Powered EchoLink Interface - "Tiny Echo"

Advanced, PIC 16F84A EchoLink Interface -"Fox Echo"

AGC Add-on card for Foxecho-K7





  Simple DTS Powered EchoLink Interface
Tiny Echo



This simple but efficient EchoLink interface measures 9cm x 6cm and is designed on Double Sided PTH Board. 

Provides Full Isolation between Rig & Computer by using two audio transformers & two Opto Couplers. May be powered from DTR Line by running a script on your PC or by supplying external 12V DC.

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  PIC 16F84A Micro Controller Echo Link Interface

This advanced PIC Micro Controller EchoLink interface uses hardware DTMF decoder, Negative or Positive COR and true RS232 interface. Uses analog switches to mute Rx audio on transmit. Now available with effective audio AGC add-on board.

Designed on a 7cm x 12cm Double Sided PTH Board.

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 SC2 Sound Card Interface


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 Want more information on VOIP?
Although I have mentioned my above interfaces a "EchoLink" interfaces, word EchoLink* is mentioned for VOIP technology in general. There are other such VOIP providers such as eQso, Wires II, and more, providing free VOIP services to Radio Amateurs.

I have simply made this interfaces to promote VOIP technology among radio amateurs for which I am providing free technical information as to how to build them. 

Dinesh Gajjar

** EchoLink is a registered trademark of Synergenics,LLC.


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