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 FOXTRAK :: APRS Viewers, Trackers & GPS Encoder
PIC16F84A Basic Tracker: FoxTrak
PIC16F84A Basic Tracker Module : FoxTrak-M
MINI-TNC (Without MX614) 
FoxDigi: PIC16F88 based Mini-Modem/TNC
FoxView2: Advanced APRS LCD Terminal



PIC Based APRS Viewers, Tracker & GPS Encoder

Track APRS Stations On-Line Locate, Track positions of APRS Stations On-line

 W5DUG Scooter Trak! Fox Delta Kits at Ham Fair



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 Foxtrak: PIC16F84A APRS Tracker & GPS Encoder

Foxtrak Kit is largest selling APRS tracker kit today. Its simple, robust & easy to construct. It comes in a powder coated metal case. All you require to effectively be active on APRS front is a transceiver and a mouse GPS.

FOXTRAK - 0416: Kits in stock

FoxTrak Basic APRS Tracker: (Last Version Project Only )

 FoxTrak REV101008 (Project Only)
This version has larger PCB and uses two SMT regulators.


 FoxView: APRS Viewer dosn't require a PC!!

Project Only

FoxView is a PIC micro based VIEWER for APRS Data. With this simple unit, you do not require a PC to monitor APRS activities. This project is developed for mobile units and messaging to disaster management activity. 

All you require is a receiver or transceiver audio and DC12V, to start monitoring nearby APRS Activities!



 FoxView2: Advanced LCD APRS TERMINAL!!

Project Only

FoxView2 is a Stand Alone APRS Terminal. 
It has FoxView and a Tracker built-in, in a single unit. It has a plug-in tracker module with two possible options: A simple tracker like FoxTrak or a tracker with advanced features: OT+ 
With OT+ module installed, Foxview2 may be instantly converted into a 1Wire Weather Station, A Kiss TNC or an advanced Tracker and more..
At the same time, you have capability to monitor APRS packets on Large LCD, Received from your own modular tracker or from the connected radio!!
 VixenTrak: GPS-Less Position Encoder & Digipeater

 Kits in stock

VixenTrak is specially designed to be used with FoxView2. Its not a Tracker but a GPS-less position encoder and a Digipeater, something like FoxDigi.

Ideal for home stations monitoring of APRS activities. At the same time, functions as a Digipeater to expand APRS coverage on VHF or UHF.



 FoxTrak-M : APRS Tracker Plug-in Module

Project Only

FoxTrak-M is an APRS Tracker Module. It has 0.1inch headers at both ends for Radio & GPS/PC Connections, instead of D9 connectors used in standard FoxTrak.

Its intended to be used as a plug-in module where APRS Tracker functionality is required.



Kits in stock



Mini-TNC is a PIC88 based (No MX614) TNC to interface aprs data to your PC.



 Project Only

FoxDigi is a stand-alone, PIC16F88 based, Digipeater for packet/APRS communication. Design to run at remote sites with minimum consumption. Just connect your radio and let this Digi work for you. 

And dont forget, this is also a simple APRS Tracker!!




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