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 Amateur Radio Astronomy


  Galileo: 20.1MHZ Receiver for Jove/Jupiter 
20.1 MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver with LCD & A/D
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HF Antenna Combiner/Splitter
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 Galileo:  Advanced 20.1MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver


Screen Shots of Jupiter Data by Jim Tegerdine, Marysville, WA, USA
Equip: Galileo Receiver, PC with Sound Card and Radio Skypipe Software






28th OCT 2011 View
29th Oct 2011 View
31st Oct 2011 View
17th Nov 2011 View The "baseline" plot was extremely flat all night, except for some sporadic emissions


Introduction to Galileo

FD-Galileo is basically designed for NASA’s Radio Jove project. I post here some basic information for your quick review.

NASA's Radio JOVE project is centered on the low cost radio telescope receiver, which can be used by science classes to collect planetary or solar radio astronomy data. Schools may opt to use other equipment to collect this data, but use of the Radio Jove receiver is highly recommended and provides good educational value to the students.

The radio telescope is intended for high school level classes, but may be appropriate for introductory college courses or advanced radio astronomers.

The Radio Telescope is designed for 20.1MHZ and is High Performance/Low Noise Direct Conversion Receiver.  

FD-Galileo Radio Astronomy Receiver is supplied fully assembled and comes with following:

  1. Direct Conversion Receiver for 20.1MHZ
  1. Uses SA602/612 Double balance mixer
  1. Stable Oscillator with tuning range of over 100KHZ
  1. Very low power consumption
  1. Supplied in a powder coated metal case
  1. Has built-in Frequency counter
  1. Built-in A/D Converter for direct connection to your PC
  1. Built-in 20MHZ Osc. (Option)
  1. Front panel audio socket for tape recorders
  1. Front panel switches to put off A/D, Freq Counter, LCD back light etc. (For battery operation)
  2. Uses Standard BNC connectors for Receiver & Combiner. PL239 for Dipole Center feed.


In addition to above, Galileo may be purchased with following options:

  1. An antenna Splitter/Combiner
  2. Antenna Current Balun-Core for center feed Dipoles
  3. Complete Antenna KIT includes Coaxial cables (RG59) and Two dipoles with SO239 Center plate.



 Galileo Radio Astronomy Receiver
 Front View
click the picture to enlarge

Back View

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 Galileo Documents & Schematic
= Completed
Technical Information Doc.   

Receiver Section


A/D Section 


LCD Frequency Counter


Combiner / Splitter 


   Antenna Current Balun 

Galileo Kit Parts List
Galileo Front Panel Controls JPG


 Links & Radio Astronomy Softwares
Nasa's Radio Jove Project
Radio Skypipe Software 



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