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 Amateur Radio Antenna Maching


 A Simple Antenna Matching Balun


Antenna matching Balun:
Matching a 10W Radio to a whip or ground plane antenna while moving on tracking/hiking route is a tough thing to achieve.

With this simple antenna Balun, you may have 12.5, 25 and 50 Ohms at your disposal, which may bring SWR to a lower level while on a move.

This Antenna Matching Balun is passive and uses two toroids. Although a switch could be used, BNC PCB Type connectors are used at three possible outputs. 

This Balun is designed specifically for QRP Rigs. However, you may use it with 100W rigs if suitable RF Connectors are used. 


Completed Antenna Matching Balun:

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Metal case in above picture is not a part of this kit

Schematics, Details & Parts List:
Antenna Matching Balun Tech Info Doc Tech Info Doc for ST1
AMBalun Parts List Tech Info Doc for ST1


Toroid Spec

Tech Info Doc for ST1

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(Metal case not included in this kit)
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