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 Few FoxDigi  Construction by Radio Amateurs


A stand-Alone APRS Digipeater: EOP

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In this project, special attention is paid to get an economical APRS Digi with minimum current consumption, that too without using a GPS. To achieve this, only a command statement of Location (Lat/Long.) is required to be included in BTEXT.

FoxDigi has two D9 connectors for outside communications. J1, a D9F is provided for your transceiver. J1, a D9M is for connection to your PC using a null modem cable for PIC Parameter configuration. J1 may be used for a GPS with RS232 level support.

FoxDigi require a supply of +12V (+7-12V) from Transceiver connector J1. An internal regulator (78L05) provides +5V for digital circuits. Current consumption is well below 20ma (Depending on LEDs) which is good enough for most remote solar powered locations. Further, in this newly designed FoxDigi, you may turn off power to MAX232 once config process is over.

FoxDigi uses a standard RS232 driver to interface with your PC (or GPS) J2 is configured as DTE using D9M connector. A null modem will be required for configuration of PIC. However, it should be noted that this project is not designed for use like a tracker but rather a Stand alone APRS Digipeater.

Project is designed on 8cm X 5cm Double Sided PTH board and results were very encouraging. 

At moment firmware is at 4800 baud. This will effect both, the GPS & the "Hyperterminal" used for config of your FoxDigi.

In a stand-alone Digipeater application, a BTEXT beacon with your position should be good enough. As the current consumption of a GPS is perhaps too large to handle at a remote site.

Completed FoxDigi: Rev.141208

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FoxDigi in a Powder Coated Metal Case:

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 Documentation for Revision 141208
FoxDigi Document

1200 baud modem using MX614

Schematic & Parts List

1200 baud modem using MX614

Configuration Document

1200 baud modem using MX614

Using Hyper Terminal of Windows

1200 baud modem using MX614



Firmware V1.09



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