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 HF & VHF Radio Modems


  Simple Radio to VOIP Interface

End of Project. Kits No longer Available


Tiny Echo: Revision 080808


New revised TinyEcho interface:

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This simple but efficient Echo Link interface measures 9cm x 6cm and is designed on Double Sided PTH Board. 

Provides Full Isolation between Rig & Computer by using two audio transformers & two Opto Couplers. May be powered from DTR Line by running a script on your PC or by supplying external 12V DC.

This interface may be made “Self-Powered” if you run a script called “DTR on/off”. Since DTR is not used, it may power the Opto coupler transistors. However, interface may be powered by external 12V to get the same performance.

Rig ground is 100% isolated from PC ground using high quality Bourns SMT Transformers and 4N33 Opto Isolators.

In fact, this is nothing but a Sound Card Interface with an addition of "COR" isolation circuit.

With this, I hope to see more amateurs joining this exciting digital mode.


  Tiny Echo Information
Tiny Echo Interface Doc

Schematic JPG

Tiny Echo: A simple Echolink Interface for your station

DTR On/Off Script Download

DIN5 Version Files




End of project. Kits no longer available.


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