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 APRS Weather Station


  PIC 16F877 APRS Weather Station:
Stand-Alone PIC16F877 APRS Weather Station with Data Logger:


Some of the interesting features of this project:

  1. 4x20 LCD. Displays all weather parameters.
  2. May be operated without LCD for power saving.
  3. On board Temperature, Humidity, RTC (For time Stamp) & Pressure Sensors.
  4. RTC has battery back-up
  5. DIN5 connector for Transceiver. HT header for portables.
  6. No requirement of a TNC.
  7. Industry Standard Data Logger output for weather programs.
  8. Supports 1Wire Wind instrument from AAG.(V3)
  9. Runs on a 12V supply.
  10. Transmits APRS Weather Data at 1200baud.
  11. User data may be entered by simple hyper terminal.
  12. Ready with optional rain unit connections.


Radio Amateurs have been working hard for making a good weather station. There are many economical ideas such as: 1Wire weather Station, detailed elsewhere on this site. However, when it comes to display weather data on LCD, it gets though.

In view to make my own economical but advanced weather station, I decided to build this one based on a design by David Andersen who holds a copy write on design but he is graceful to us (Radio Amateurs) & have granted to use his firmware for amateur radio non-commercial use.

As usual, as I was going to build this project, I wanted to make few more PCBs and make kits available for others, who canít do this project themselves. David was kind enough to grant me permission to make kits available on non-profit bases for radio amateurs. With this, I got enough enthusiasm to go ahead and make this wonderful weather station.

Tough time came when I started looking for Maxim chips & sensors. With the kind help of my friend Frank/K7SFN I was able to complete this project and have few more as spare for others.

Project Details:

This is a PIC project, designed on a PTH Double Sided Board measuring 14 x 9 CM. 4x20 LCD is supplied with back light. In future there will be an option to get kits with Blue or Green display.

Weather Station Interfaces to:

  1. Honeywell HIH-3610 humidity sensor
  2. Motorola MPXA4115 Pressure sensor
  3. Uses DS 1307 RTC with 32.768khz crystal reference
  4. DS1621 is a thermo meter
  5. 1Wire Wind Instrument from AAG (V3)
  6. Ready for rain unit

This weather station works perfectly with 1Wire Wind Unit from AAG (Version 3). The new version AAG wind unit WS603 has not been tested yet.


Completed PIC16F877 Weather Station:


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 FD-WX1  Doc & Schematic:

Technical Info Doc
Schematic & Parts List JPG         
PIC16F877 Firmware
 Kit Parts List
 Data Sheets & Firmware Download


Replacement for HIH-3610



 End of Project


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