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 Introduction to Sound Card Interface & Radio Modems:


 SC2 : Sound Card Interface:
SC2 for Echolink Gateway by I2HUM
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 SC2: Sound Card Interface

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SC1 kits were very popular and ran out of stock quickly.

Work immediately started on new design SC2. I decided to make the new interface with following points in mind:

1. VOX PTT Activation for tone operation.

2. RJ45 for Transceiver Connection.

3. D9F Serial Connector For standard COM Port Connection.

4. USB connector to get +5V for Echo link operation

5. Isolation for: Audio in, Audio Out, COR & PTT

6. High quality 600 ohms audio transformers

7. Powering option by using a battery.

8. Front Panel Mounted RX/TX Audio Level Controls

9. Front Panel Switch to put-off VOX operation.


The soundcard interface detailed here is not different from many made by amateurs and available commercially. This one includes TinyEcho like interface capability for Echo Link operation.

However, I have made it simple to construct and easy to use. On this interface, you have a RJ45 connector for your transceiver. A 1Meter long CAT5 cable (8core) is supplied with Male RJ45 Connector. All you need to do is decide on how you will apply PTT and make connections to your rig for: Mic Audio, Radio Audio & PTT to your radio's Mic Connector. If you intend to use this interface for Echo link, Isolated COR  is available.

You have choice to use this interface with or without DC Power. It will work equally well in both situations. Great for your Portable Rigs. In addition, +5V to power COR circuit is possible by using an USB cable, especially for LapTops.

SC2 kits are now supplied without a metal case.

Assembled SC2 Sound Card Interface:
                   Fox Delta SC2: Sound Card & Echolink Interface

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SC2 Connector Side:

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 Technical Details & Schematic:


SC2 Sound Card Interface Doc.
SC2 Schematic & Parts List
Schematic SC2  JPG
Schematic VOX Circuit


SC2 Kit Parts List

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