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FoxView Test & Reviews 


(FV2 with Vixen)



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REV 0511 Pictures and Translation in French by F4FEM


 Documentation in French by F4FEM   


  FoxView3 Rev1010 & 0511


 FoxView3 Rev1010 & 0511

FOXVIEW3 Rev1010 is latest revision of APRS Viewers for radio amateurs. FoxView, Foxview3 and FoxView2 received good response and enough feedback from users. 

Redesigned FoxView3 is basically a simple stand alone APRS Viewer, just like the original FOXVIEW.

FoxView3 Rev1010/0511:

This version is based on modification suggested by F4EYW/ OM Benoit. It uses MX614 modem's receiving capability to enhance PIC88's packet reception.

1. APRS Viewer on 4 x 20 LCD

2. APRS Position Encoder (Fix Home Position or GPS)

3. Built-in "Fill-in" Digi

4. APRS TNC (APRS DATA from Radio to PC) 

5. GPS support

6. Its a Tracker with GPS!

Designed with a large 4x20 Characters Back-lite LCD Display, FoxView3 only requires an audio input from your receiver or transceiver and a DC 12V supply. FoxView3 is basically designed for APRS Demos, general Viewing of APRS Data while moving and Personally, I would love to have this device to monitor APRS activities at my home without using a PC!!

After all these goodies, it should not cost a fortune. In fact, with few components from here & there, you will be able to build this viewer/encoder yourself & enjoy APRS activities.

FoxView3 is basically combination of FOXVIEW and FoxDigi which proved to be very useful project for Amateur Radio.

Present Kits are at Rev0511


Completed FoxView3:

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LCD Removed


 FoxView3 Rev 1010  Doc & Schematic:

Technical Info Doc
Schematic & Parts List
FoxView Menu Details
FoxView3 Schematics





FV3 Radio & PC Connection Pin Out

FV3 Rev 0511 Schematic, Parts List and Board Silk

FV3 0511 assembly and setup doc in French by F4FEM

 Firmware and MPASM Download
FV3 Modified Firmware by F4EYW for PIC88
4800 & 9600

Includes hex & ASM files


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