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 Amateur Radio Frequency Measurements:


0-500MHZ LCD Power Meter:



End of Project

Please consider PM5 Graphic LCD RF Meter


After success of PM1 LCD RF Power Meter Kits, which were sold globally, I decided to remove some of the hitches I had in preparing PM1 kits.

The First trouble was rotary encoder, which I had to import.

The second, there was a suggestion that, instead of separate sensor board, sensors should be integrated and to use DIP8 packages for AD8307s.

2x20 LCDs are available with or without Back Light. There is practically no price difference between two types. I will be supplying LCDs with BL. 2x20 displays also come with reverse BL connections. I have added a selection header for this purpose.

I have replaced rotary encoder and now we have two push buttons to control the functions. Very cost effective & simple to use. 4 Push buttons used in this kit are right angle type and are sufficiently long enough to come out of the box, if you decide to house this meter in a case.

However, If you wish to use a rotary encoder, nothing is lost in this kit. Just buy a rotary encoder from Digikey or Mouser and you have three connections ready to install it.

This new LCD RF Power Meter with dual 500MHZ input channels just measures 12cm x 6cm

Picture of the Completed LCD RF Power Meter:

Fox Delta LCD RF Power Meter

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RF Meter: LCD Removed

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PM2A kits are now supplied with a Keyboard PCB & Four push buttons:

Home brewers may now place menu control buttons at a location of their choice


Main Screen of the 2X20 LCD RF Meter:
Menu & Selection Window:
DC Volt Meter Display:
Schematics, Details & Parts List:


PM2 RF Meter Doc. 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
PM2 Schematic & Parts List 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
PM2 Menu Config. Doc. 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
PM2A Back light Header Selection 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
PM2 RF Meter Schematic JPG
Dual Input Channels: AD8307 Schematic


Download HEX for 16F876A

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

Project Datasheet 

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

G4HFQ Polar Plot Download Web Page

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

 Present status
PM2: End of project

Please consider PM5 Graphic LCD RF Meter

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